Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yay! We got SOOO much candy! Thanks to all the frat boys and sorority gals who caught candy and gave it to Brandon! LOL This is a picture of him checking out all the candy on his blanket on the curb. It was a chilly morning, but I didn't want to miss a parade, so I popped him in the carrier and took a walk downtown with him trying to find a good spot to sit where we wouldn't have to fight other kiddos for candy. We ended up right at the top of the hill by the frat houses and it couldn't have worked out better! One guy had an adorable little puppy that he let Brandon pet, too. It was great to just unfold the carrier into a blanket and sit on the curb on a blanket instead of the cold, hard cement.

Too bad Brandon will probably have nightmares of giant squirrels for weeks to come. Poor kid! There were so many people dressed up in black squirrel costumes, and one of them tried to shake Brandon's hand and Brandon FREAKED. He just backed up and started screaming and the poor guy in the squirrel suit just ran away! LOL Luckily, a nice guy (I think his name was Matt) kept egging him on to get more and more candy from all the pretty girls in the parade. Brandon even shared his Lightning McQueen hat with him. It was cute! But now we have so much candy that I think we are ALL gonna need a dentist real soon! :-)

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