Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Bonanza, Great Lakes Expo Center

I just had to say "Hi and Thanks!" to all the Mom and Dads who I was able to meet last Saturday (April 24th) at the Great Lakes Expo Center for the Baby Bonanza show! Many thanks to Kendra also for getting me in there at the last minute! (And thanks to Megan for bringing this event to my attention! ...all be it at the last minute lol)

I couldn't believe how busy I felt all weekend! The diaper derby, the fashion show, the Dad races and all the interesting people visiting my booth and asking me GREAT questions! I came away from the show with lots of ideas, and even more feedback. For anyone who saw the Dad who modeled my carrier on stage, wasn't he GREAT?! I felt bad that he was so beet-red through the whole show (lol!), but he did such a great job. Then he came off stage and told me how comfortable the carrier was and even wore it around the rest of the expo for me! I think it helped that his daughter fell asleep in it, otherwise I wonder if he would have returned it earlier. ;-)

And thanks to the others who tried it out at the expo and carried their little ones around. I hope you were able to enjoy the expo a little more with a little bit of support!

I have to say, there were some awesome vendors there as well...
ClevelandMomsLikeMe.Com - I registered! :-)
Gifted thoughts diaper cakes - they were too pretty! It was great talking to you!
Bye Bye with Baby - I can't WAIT to explore your website more! ( )
Charity's Create-a-book - My son loves his new book! And loves when his older brother reads to him.
Ohio State Waterproofing - Howdy neighbor! hee hee
Q104 - thanks for the cookies. :-)
Bath Fitter - thanks for staring at my goofy butt all day long. LOL
BABIES film - waiting for this to come out in theatres!
Boogie Wipes - my sons nose will be so happy.
And FYI: my son stomped around in his new squeaky shoes all Sunday night. (Fiance LOVED that one. lol)

Hopefully I'll successfully upload pics from the weekend and post them next. (Along with the pics of the carrier from the "Email List Giveaway" from my booth!) Wish me luck finding the cord to my camera!!!

p.s. If I didn't mention your name, don't worry. I'm sure I'll remember it later when I'm browsing through all the coupons and fun stuff I got at the expo! ;-) I wish I had been able to see more vendors before it all closed down. I was just so busy!