Monday, August 31, 2009

Malafa/Baby wrap

My first wrap carry! My niece brought me back a malafa (melafa?) from Africa and I used it for a wrap... what do you think? It's a real pretty purple, black and orange malafa. Malafa's are what the women traditionally wear in Nouackchott. It's a kind of wrap/cover. Sometimes they wear two at a time, but my niece said she's also seen women use them to carry their babies around. It's my first time trying to use a wrap-style of carry for Brandon so I'm not sure if I did it right. I'm researching more wrap carry positions now, so if I come up with something better for this size of material, I'm sure I'll try it later and take more pics. LOL

This is what it looks like stretched out:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Randolph County Fair

This is on the way out to the car after the fair... The majority of the time we were there, all he wanted to do was jump around in the middle of the road and bat around his balloon... I am SOOO glad I brought the carrier this time! I almost didn't, but of course I DID forget to put an extra diaper inside it and what happened? He peed a waterfall and the poor kid was so soaked he was 'mushy'. Ewwwww. So we decided to hike it ALLLL the way back out to our horrible parking spot and change him then hike back in... but not until after we reparked the car in a closer spot. HA! Anyhow, we ended up tying the baloon to the carrier because it was just too hard tying it to his wrist and I didn't want to worry about it flying off and being stuck with a poor, depressed, tear soaked little guy in the middle of the fair. So who got to get bumped in the head with the balloon for half a day? Yup, me. Well... and half of the people we passed by! LOL He was soooo exhausted after riding all the rides. All three of them. He went on the slide first. LOVED that. Then the kiddie ferris wheel which no adults were allowed on... he started out liking it cause he got to sit next to a cute little girl... but then the ride started going around and around continuously and by the second pass his face started to look worried... by the 4th pass around he looked like he was gonna puke and by the 5th pass he had his face hidden in his hands on the railing. He didn't look back up until it stopped, poor kid. Daddy tried taking him in the Haunted House ride... yeah. Not the best idea. He came out crying. lol I know, it's horrible, I shouldn't laugh, but he looked so excited to go inside it at the beginning and that's why we let him go. Guess he learned his lesson! After that, the only ride we could convince him to go on was the motorcycle ride and he LOVED that. But I think he's done with spinning for a while. He shook his head 'no' to just about everything else after that. I don't think he was ready for any more surprises after that.

(See the pic of him on the motorcycle ride in the previous post below....)

Randolph fair motorcycle ride

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ta Da! My first post to this blog from my cell phone! :-)

I figured this was the perfect introduction to my blog. I know some of us are addicted to our kids, but it's just VERY possible that sometimes our kids are addicted to us, too! Either way, we're happily addicted! I thought as my son got older (He's now officially OVER 2 years old!) he would get tired of hanging out on my back while I was doing chores around the house. Guess not. :-S The other day I just couldn't get anything done, and there was a LOT that needed done! Too many things at once and Daddy was dealing with big brother elsewhere so no help for Mom! No matter what room I was in or what I did, Brandon followed me everywhere, hitting me in the butt (a favorite pasttime), holding his arms up for me to pick him up so he could see, trying to drag chairs up to counters and "help" (his version of help... not my version). Finally he started making these gestures and I was trying to figure out what he wanted... "You hungry??? Thirsty? Want a drink? Chips? Chocolate? Gotta poop? Want a movie? Anything besides ME?!" Nope to all of it. Finally he walks around me and points at my back and grunts, then walks in front of me and backs up to me... the way he has to stand if I'm going to throw him over my shoulder in a piggy-back. "You want a piggy-back???? NOW??" You gotta be kidding. His answer. "UH HUH!!!" He was so proud that he conveyed what he wanted. Me, on the other hand... ugh. I gotta carry you around while I'm doing laundry and dishes and you really think you're gonna STAY there? Whatever. So I got out the carrier, half-doubting it would work at this point... sounds horrible doesn't it? Doubting my own carrier? LOL Well, as you can see from the picture, he was happily playing with one of his cars that I picked up while cleaning the living room, and driving it through my hair while I did the dishes. He stayed like that for a good half hour I'd say before he finally decided that Mommy's cleaning wasn't as fun as "Madagascar" on TV anymore. So at that point he pointed to the TV and I was only too happy to let him have 'movie time' for a while until the laundry was folded. LOL It was only a half hour out of the day, but I'll take a fuss-free half hour of cleaning to 2 hours of fussy cleaning ANY day. But beware... toy cars LOVE driving in hair. :-)