Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Miss Sarah and her beautiful Mommy Brandy:

Oh my gosh she was SO passed out!!! We started laughing at one point cause we could hear her snoring! LMAO!!!

This picture was taken while we were taking a hike through the woods down at my sister's cabin. Along the way we saw some cool spiders, HUGE spider webs, deer tracks, racoon tracks, water spiders and we THINK we saw some tadpols, too. There were pretty flowers that were SO bright red it was crazy! And Christopher was nice enough to be the 'dispenser' for the Ice Breakers candy that Samantha, Sarah and Brandon (and Brandy and I!) kept eating along the way. Thanks Chris! Samantha found a pretty rock that looked like a bird. We brought it back with us and she was going to paint it to look like a bird, but I think we forgot it down at the cabin. Sorry Sam!

On the way back from our walk, Sarah woke up and wanted to walk on her own, so of course Brandon wanted to copy Sarah. So we put both of the little ones down off our backs and let them walk... at which point Samantha's feet hurt so bad she looked like she was gonna cry! So I decided I wanted a challenge and I told Samantha to jump on my back. I tied her up in my carrier and asked her if it was ok. She said "It's really tight, but I like it! It doesn't hurt or anything!" She seemed happy enough so I carried her on my back the rest of the way and with her weight on my hips and the carrier supporting her close to me, it didn't feel much different than carrying Brandon! How crazy is that?! I mean, Samantha is SEVEN YEARS OLD! Brandy took a picture of that, too. LOL I'll have to share it when she uploads her pictures to her computer.

Overall, it really was a nice trip to the cabin, and we got to really take some time to relax and enjoy nature. We even saw some deer in the back yard! Not to mention, every time we drove anywhere, we saw a bunch of deer along the road, too. But that didn't impress Chris, who informed me that "I saw LOTS of deer down in West Virginia. I saw them a lot closer, too! Right now I'm just HUNGRY!" LOL At that point, getting to dinner was a lot more important than seeing some silly deer. :-)

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